Hirsi-Ali’s Christianity?

I’ve been watching reactions to Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s recent Unherd posting about claiming to now be a Christian. Mischievously reacting to some of those (anonymous) reactions, on Twitter and Facebook, but only actually read it this afternoon. Predictable reactions mostly from people who claim to be atheist, worse still new atheists and atheist / sceptic … Continue reading “Hirsi-Ali’s Christianity?”

Krauss Revisited – still haunted by Copernicus?

Preamble: I was left with a pretty negative view of Larry Krauss after his collaborations with Richard Dawkins – “The Unbelievers” (2013) and Dawkins breathless afterword to Krauss “A Universe From Nothing – Why is there something rather than nothing?” (2012) In that recommendation – oft repeated in public sessions since – Dawkins concluded “The … Continue reading “Krauss Revisited – still haunted by Copernicus?”

So What Next?

Some of you will know that a lot of my current writing is directed at framing the “systems thinking” problem / solution as more formal research, but notwithstanding that, the thinking and writing continues. Recently I framed this as “Where Next With Iain McGilchrist?” Iain has characterised the situation as well as anyone, but stopped … Continue reading “So What Next?”

Link Round Up

I have a zillion browser windows open on the laptop and phone, and after being away last week and being away this coming weekend I need to tidy-up, so I’ll capture a few here before I shut them all down. The links to AII are built into this morning’s post already. A fair review (?) … Continue reading “Link Round Up”

Rory Stewart – Realising the Future.

I  mentioned Rory Stewart just yesterday for his foreword to one of my library of unread books. What I hadn’t noticed until yesterday was he’d been one of the virtual guests at “Realisation2023“. I’ve almost attended Realisation a couple of times now – a mixture of conference and retreat, with a focus on … reinventing … Continue reading “Rory Stewart – Realising the Future.”

The Eyes in Kant’s Head

Hat tip to Anita Leirfall – who, we discovered quite randomly, lived just a few doors away from where Sylvia and I lived in Oslo – quite randomly posting a link to a 2021 edition of BBC Radio 4 “In Our Time” on Kant. Kant’s Copernican Revolution | In Our Time Melvyn Bragg and guests … Continue reading “The Eyes in Kant’s Head”

#GoodFences – Is Scientific Skepticism Enough?

I gave a presentation to Teesside Skeptics in the Pub on 15 December 22 Diana had asked us a question – on the Facebook Group Page in November 22 – about “whether we identified as scientific sceptics, and what that meant to us?” Back in August 22 Humanists UK had asked us to say if … Continue reading “#GoodFences – Is Scientific Skepticism Enough?”