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I have a zillion browser windows open on the laptop and phone, and after being away last week and being away this coming weekend I need to tidy-up, so I’ll capture a few here before I shut them all down.

The links to AII are built into this morning’s post already.

A fair review (?) of Jordan Peterson’s latest book “Beyond Order” by Suzanne Moore. Don’t think  I’ll be needing to read it? [Fascinating side issue is the number of reviewers apoplectic at their words being quoted selectively as cover blurbs. Almost everyone’s reviews are negatively critical, but even they include positive statements when extracted.]

Transcendent Naturalism I already linked last week. Don’t think I’ll be watching right through unless someone recommends?

Is atheism destroying the moral fabric of society?
The debate goes back at least 400 years. I don’t think that’s the problem, but the problem is a scientistic atheism?

Friston and Psychedelics – a paper by Peter Sjostedt-Hughes someone I find very interesting, that I noticed had made a connection to Karl Friston?

Giving AI direct control over anything is a bad idea – well who could argue? So I didn’t read it (yet).

Still holding out hope for Philip Goff maturing, but he currently appears content with all the usual rabbit holes. This dialogue sounded interesting? I was with him on “blaming” scientism when I first read him, hopefully this is him coming back to the core problem?

Can’t recall where this link came from – it has some Templeton funding – but an Essay Prize – on Panentheism and Fundamental Consciousness – seemed maybe worth having a go at whilst I’m writing my research proposal? Kill two birds, etc.

Prompted by The Santiago Boys (which I still have a couple of episodes to finish) I was digging into Stafford Beer references and his “5 Principles” (for people and good government). Still pretty central to my agenda, even if Beer was ultimately too naive? And Ben Taylor shared this “This Machine Kills” piece involving Morozov, the creator of The Santiago Boys.

This link from Ben Taylor also rang a bell. I keep talking in terms of a “Systems Thinking Ecosystem” but maybe instead of “an ecosystem” it’s really just “a lens” – either way, any world-view is a (subjective) frame of reference?

The Best Systems Thinkers – in two parts – another one from Ben Taylor.

No idea how I came to have this one open. Semantics in Protein Folding?

Following Dave Snowden fairly closely on LinkedIn these days and occasionally capture a specific link, like this one “more things in heaven and earth”. Dave has been a source for over 20 years, with interest rekindled this year at Hull Uni CSS – and that quote is one I’ve used. The dreams that stuff are made on?

Part of my research proposal meta-research, noticed Amanda Gregory was editor of Systems Research and Behavioural Science and noted this paper co-authored by her in the latest edition. And this earlier one by Mike Jackson (on Beer and Bogdanov), which I have actually quoted from quite recently.

And, as if to demonstrate how “fashionable” the ecosystem idea is, this paper from Friston, Ramstead, Albarracin and others.

To ‘see’, or not to ‘see’:  that is the question. Moving on from a half-brained system of economic governance. McGilchrist-informed critique of “autistic economics”.

HSE Researchers Question the Correctness of (Libet) Experiments Denying Free Will. Old news from a new source. And another on the same dead-and-buried old research. Wonder why? I really do.

The Ghost of Classics by Stephen Fry in the Antigone Journal from 2021

And one more from “the AII Movement” – I’m often pointing out compressible-fluid-flow (Navier-Stokes and CFD analyses) analogies with physical processes at a wide range of scales (a la Verlinde, and others) – but here working the other way. Getting to understand compressible flow dynamics starting from quantum information theories. It really is all happening?


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