Pirsig Connection

I don’t read any more than coincidence into this, but spooky none-the-less, I’ve been in Oslo, around 20 months so far, and have been aware, from mentions by colleagues, of a bar on the other side of town, Grønland on the east side, we live in Majorstua on the west side. The place is Olympen … Continue reading “Pirsig Connection”

Plaque Honours Pirsig

Here’s one for those Pirsig Pilgrims. I heard today from Montana State University that a commemorative plaque has been installed right outside the President’s office in Montana Hall, where Pirsig taught from ’59 to ’61. Some ceremony is anticipated later in the year.

On the Road with Robert Pirsig

Today at last, I had a chance to watch Ant McWatt’s second documentary on the life and work of Robert Pirsig, “On the Road with Robert Pirsig“. (The first installment “Arrive Without Travelling” I reviewed when it came out around a  year ago, and it was a little difficult to disguise my disappointment, though relatively … Continue reading “On the Road with Robert Pirsig”

Burrell & Morgan and Pirsig

Gibson Burrell & Gareth Morgan’s  “Sociological Paradigms and Organizational Analysis” was one of the textbooks  during my masters degree back in 1988 / 91. It was one that I actually read and used significant parts of in my thesis but, as with Peters & Waterman’s “In Search of Excellence”, I didn’t pick-up the references to … Continue reading “Burrell & Morgan and Pirsig”