Maslow, Pirsig and Foucault Catch-up

Was prompted to revisit a couple of older posts on Abraham Maslow after someone asked me to explain a reference this morning. The one I shared was this one: “Motivation 3.0 – Pink Does Maslow“. Then I noticed one of my earliest Maslow posts was way back in 2002 “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” and that … Continue reading “Maslow, Pirsig and Foucault Catch-up”

Pirsig meets Foucault and more besides.

The death of Robert Pirsig last month triggered a good deal of new correspondence on his work, his Metaphysics of Quality as well as his novels, “ZMM” and “Lila“. My own summary of his MoQ, or more correctly the world-view implied by his metaphysics, I have previously presented here: I’ve expressed my (limited) appreciation of … Continue reading “Pirsig meets Foucault and more besides.”

#Pirsig and the “121 Rejections” Mythology

It was cringeworthy that so many obituaries, and one-line social-media quotes linking to them, chose to lead with the quote that “121 submissions of ZMM were rejected by publishers before William Morrow’s single acceptance”. Cringeworthy because it’s not at all relevant to Pirsig’s work, simply part of #TheOutsider mythology created as a continuing part of … Continue reading “#Pirsig and the “121 Rejections” Mythology”

#Pirsig as a Post-Post-Modernist – ahead of his time.

Many tweets and memorial pieces coming in, still every 20 seconds or so via social media – most “so long and thanks for all the …. fish” one-liner memories, linking to some already published mainstream obituary. Some like SeymourBlogger @AbbeysBooks (followed by Jim Landis) have their own very specific “learnings”. Re-reading ZMM (Part 1) Re-reading … Continue reading “#Pirsig as a Post-Post-Modernist – ahead of his time.”

RIP Robert Pirsig (6 Sep 1928 – 24 Apr 2017)

Sad to hear of yesterday’s passing of Bob Pirsig, aged 88, at home after a period of failing health. Thoughts are with Wendy and the family. Bob was my seed-crystal – the catalyst that triggered all manner of connections between the super-saturated collection of issues and thoughts that already had me on my “What, why & … Continue reading “RIP Robert Pirsig (6 Sep 1928 – 24 Apr 2017)”

Robert Pirsig and the Art of Freedom

An interesting irony reading Julian Baggini’s 2015 “Freedom Regained“. Baggini was famously underwhelmed when he attempted to interview Robert Pirsig back in 2006 given that Grayson Perry quoted Pirsig in his 2013 Reith Lectures on the creativity of art. Baggini quotes Perry’s use of the Pirsig passage – creative ideas as small timid furry creatures, easily scared … Continue reading “Robert Pirsig and the Art of Freedom”