Robot Wisdom Back On-Line

Robot Wisdom Back On-Line. Hooray … Jorn still does not yet seem to be posting in public anywhere, but his material (home pages and blog) are all back on line in the state they were on 1st October 2003. Great news given that I am slowly getting to grips with James Joyce’s Ulysses, is that … Continue reading “Robot Wisdom Back On-Line”

Ulysses and Nietzsche

Just started reading James Joyce’s Ulysses yesterday (it had to happen one day, Jorn). I’m about six chapters in (two chapters into the second part) and surprised to find it not too hard going. Plenty of unintelligible neologisms, but they don’t interrupt the already strange prose-poetry flow. Plenty of intriguing throwaways that presumably hint at … Continue reading “Ulysses and Nietzsche”

Science and the Humanities

Science and the Humanities – A plea from Robert M Young, Professor of Psychoanalysis at Sheffield Uni, and co-editor of NIBBS – Human Nature Review. [via David Morey on the MoQ Discuss Forum] In conclusion he writes …. [Quote] In my opinion psychoanalysis, seen as a discipline in the humanities, is centrally complementary to biological … Continue reading “Science and the Humanities”

Avoiding the Charybdis of Scientific Fundamentalism

Avoiding the Charybdis of Scientific Fundamentalism – A paper from Dr James Willis given to an audience of medical practitioners last year. Those of you following my blog will notice I’m working my way through James’ work and find that he voices the need to avoid the extremes of scientific fundamentalism as he calls it … Continue reading “Avoiding the Charybdis of Scientific Fundamentalism”