Capitalism Without Conscience

Common Dreams via Robot Wisdom. Another one spot on the mark. Interesting that the hand-wringing fall-out from 9/11/FBI, Enron / Andersens / WorldCom should spark this re-emergence of the blindingly obvious facts. If you insist on rational models (like accounting) you should not be surprised that the rationalisation of the irrational creates misinformation and misguided … Continue reading “Capitalism Without Conscience”

The Significance of Common Sense

The significance of Common SenseA quote from Ellis D Cooper’s Dictionary of ConsciousnessStephen C. Pepper – World Hypotheses, A Study in Evidence – 1966 – University of California Press “[ extract only] Our evidence, we showed, indicates that every item of common sense is a dubitandum, a matter that ought to be doubted in the … Continue reading “The Significance of Common Sense”

Searle vs Pinker

Searle vs Pinker correspondence at New York ReviewGood reference list too.Debated on no I didn’t. Oh yes you did. Pity to see another binary argument. Can’t get logged on to enter the debate, however the disagreement is 80% about representation of each others thoughts, not about the actual philosophy being debated. Both agree 100% … Continue reading “Searle vs Pinker”

Less Is More – Netherlands Traffic Signs

Less is More Counter intuitive recommendations from Netherlands experience is that fewer traffic priority rules / lane markings/ signals etc make roads and junctions safer. Kids are involved in less road accidents if they are encouraged to play in traffic. Essentially human psychology compensates by adjusting speeds and habits to enable tacit negotiatiation by eye-contact … Continue reading “Less Is More – Netherlands Traffic Signs”

Moby Dick – Fact From Fiction

Fact or Fiction ? Well through Moby Dick now (96/136’ths) and still finding so much on so many levels. The blood-soaked anatomical detail and unctious stench and sensation in the butchery is numbing, and you can see how early reviews met with issues of poor taste ! As I mentioned earlier – one striking … Continue reading “Moby Dick – Fact From Fiction”

Moby Dick & Francis Bacon

Reading list re-established ! Mentioned a month ago that I was reading Melville’s Moby Dick, and finding it enthralling so far. I got distracted however, and in the meantime read John Henry’s biography of Francis Bacon – Knowledge is Power, mentioned below and have since completed and enjoyed that (review to follow), together with dipping … Continue reading “Moby Dick & Francis Bacon”

Physics and Philosophy – Heisenberg

Reading Physics and Philosophy by Werner Heisenberg (c1958/p1962) Having previously read the Physical Principles of Quantum Theory, to get a first hand account of the Uncertainty Principle, found this much more readable volume of his. Pretty comprehensive summary of Philosophical views of the “reality of matter and atoms” from the Greeks to Hume and Russell. … Continue reading “Physics and Philosophy – Heisenberg”

Lila – Brain Dump Notes

Pirsig’s Lila – finished at last, after many interruptions. Will add a review, but may need to re-read final few chapters to absorb. Thoughts for now. The lunatics take over the asylum again. Should I be worried ? – in ZMM I identified with Phaedrus, in this, I am Lila ! The “game” of Catch22 … Continue reading “Lila – Brain Dump Notes”