Warm Fuzzies

Warm Fuzzies – A paper by Michael Meier Published in 1993 on the Pirsig / MOQ site, claims to be about those warm fuzzy desires that get omitted from software “specifications”. Actually it doesn’t go far enough IMHO, most of the anecdotal “warm fuzzies” (like the feel / balance of a hand-tool) are ones that … Continue reading “Warm Fuzzies”

Social Contract

Chrucky’s paper (yesterday’s blog) covers interesting ground, even if the purpose is a catholic religious / abortion argument about what constitutes a human person. The concept of whether “morals” are something fundamental and whether consciousness and communication shared between “persons” are really part of some social contract, existing at tacit levels to build on more … Continue reading “Social Contract”

Concepts of Persons and Morality

Concepts of Persons and Morality. Picked up this draft article by Chrucky (pr Kroosky) of Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy fame (see my glossaries, dictionaries and encyclopedias resource page.). Chrucky is a an “Emergent Materialist” or “Animal Realist” which sounds close to where I’m headed, and the idea that humans may have fundamental motives relevant to communication … Continue reading “Concepts of Persons and Morality”

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

This, below, is one of my earliest posts from 2002. [Here I’ve simply added a couple of links to later (better) posts: The Meme of Maslow’s Mojo (2011) ,and Motivation 3.0 – The Pink Way (2013)] I’ve made countless references to Maslow ever since I noticed that Pirsig’s levels of “value” (absolute quality or goodness) appeared to … Continue reading “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.”

Seb’s Open Reasearch

Seb’s Open Reasearch. Another interesting blog – seen some time ago, now added to the sidebar. Picked-up this quote / link:The O’Reilly Network has posted a transcript of Lawrence Lessig’s keynote speech on copyright at the Open Source Convention in late July. His four theses:[Quote] + Creativity and innovation always builds on the past. + … Continue reading “Seb’s Open Reasearch”

Talking of Post-Modernists

“It’s like receiving a threat from a post-modernist gangster, who makes you an offer you can’t understand.” – Charlie Stross (via Jeff Vogel, via Jacob Haller, via “kibology”, via Jorn). [Link omitted intentionally. I’ve not ventured into kibology yet, whatever that is, but the time may yet come.] Seriously though, I re-read most of Joe … Continue reading “Talking of Post-Modernists”

Man and His Doubles

Struggled with the penultimate chapter of Foucault – He name drops every philosopher since 18C that I’ve heard of (except Wittgenstein), but I don’t get what this chapter is about – the concept of Man. Fortunately the final chapter on Human Sciences is much clearer – the balance between science and anthropology / behaviour / … Continue reading “Man and His Doubles”