2005 Liverpool Photos

Here are a selection of photos from the Robert Pirsig MoQ Conference, organised by Ant McWatt.
6th July 2005, at the Bear and Billet and on a River Dee cruise in Chester.
7th July 2005, at Liverpool University Philosophy Dept.
( Link or take copies as you wish, but please give credit if published. I have the full 5MegaPixel originals if needed.)

[A report on the conference is here.]

The Bear & Billet

Inside Out

Interview While You Wait with Karen Whiteside

Dave, Horse, Maggie, Paul & Mark

Dave, Bob & Paul

Bob (Photo shared on Wikipedia etc under creative commons license.)

Waiting To Depart

Matti, Steph, Mark, David & Dean

Uncle John Dates It (Almost)

Wendy & Maggie

Anticipation #1

Anticipation #2

Where is Ant?

Ant (That’s Dr McWatt to you)

Social #1

Social #2

A Man Called Horse

Social #3

Social #4

Yours Truly

[And the Uncle John photo made it to the “we are not afraid” web site too (dead link!). 7/7 was the day of the London bus and underground Jihadi terrorist bombings, which became apparent to us during the morning of the conference in Liverpool, with several of our US visitors travelling through London.]

10 thoughts on “2005 Liverpool Photos”

  1. Thanks for noticing. It’s just that I do get a little discouraged when I feel that I am not really getting so much of what you are putting out there.

    My daughter got a copy of ZMM. She has so far read the intro, by Pirsig. I’m sure she will have no problem with the first part of the narrative, and I have told her, if she gets bogged down in the philisophic parts to just skip them and keep going.

    Some day, when I have the time, I will go back and read it again. This time not on the internet (my neck is still stiff!)

    I went to the used book store and got a bag full of books for $20. (the only way to buy books) Some good novels by good authors…and a book by Bertrand Russell, never read him, just read of him.

  2. Skip the philosophic parts ?!?! 😉

    I think you’re right about used books. I’m always in such a hurry for something specific, that I rarely do it.

    Russell, you’re ahead of me again – only ever secondary read his stuff, much quoted by everybody else. I wonder if he ever learned anything from Wittgenstein – like linguistics is more important than logic.

    If anybody get’s it Alice, you do.

  3. Skip the philosophic parts ?!?!

    (Thanks for correcting the misspelling. I only caught it on the read through)

    yeah, i know the whole thing is that. but what I’m talking about is the arguments about socrates and plato. The tortured passages which try to describe the indescribable…He was a man dissatisfied with the philosophy which was available to him. If you are twenty-two, the whole damned world is a complete mystery and you are still sorting. I think you need some age and background to be able to touch what he is struggling with. I figure when I’m sixty….

    the trip itself, his insights into his companions, maybe the “psychological” parts are easier to comprehend.

    I just looked at the word…psycho-logical…could it mean “trying to make our psyches logical”?

    never mind.

    Linguistics again!! Steven Pinker does a nice job in the “language instinct”.

  4. Correction Re psybertron pirsig timeline

    Laverne Madigan was apparently killed not in a plane crash but in a horse-riding accident, trampeled under her son’s horse after she fell off hers. Her son, Fergus Bordewich, writes about it in his book,
    “My Mother’s Ghost.”

  5. Thanks Jim,

    I’ve had that information twice before (from Dusenberry’s daughter), but Pirsig assured me his story was true.

    If Fergus is the son you refer to then this makes the horse-riding accident the more crdeible.

    Many thanks, I’ll follow this up.

  6. Very nice to have a little atmospheric insight into the MOQ conference on the web. These pictures are hard to find, fortunately i stumbled upon them. The special thing on them: they are just shot, making the scenes more real. Now it is a little bit like i could have taken part on it last year, everything is very imaginable, also from the descriptions on your site and robertpirsig.org

  7. I’m on my 4th reading of ZMM. #1 in 1995, at the recommendation of a girlfriend. (I found it STUNNING!!…the book, that is.) #2 in 1999, two months following the death of my Mother. #3 in 2004, a little over a year into my marriage. (Not to the aforementioned in #1.) #4, as I type this, for no apparent reason. I just started missing Bob and Chris and of course, the motorcycle. Maybe I just needed a fresh infusion of Quality…….Hey Bob: Come To Texas!!!

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