Cluetrain Plus 10

Discussion with Doc Searles and Dave Weinberger ten years on. (Note that third collaborator, Chris Locke, is over at Rageboy &  Mystic Bourgeoisie). My favourite was always: No.29 – Elvis said it best : “We can’t go on together, with suspicious minds.” And this has been instrumental in my citing the W3C architecture having “Trust” and … Continue reading “Cluetrain Plus 10”

The Meme of Maslow’s Mojo

I mentioned noting that Maslow seemed to becoming rehabilitated by the Positive Psychology school. And following some recent links starting here with Matt May, I also found this 2007 Chip Conley publication in the “airport bookstall” business management space. There are three sides to the Maslow story. (1) There is a neat and tidy attraction for … Continue reading “The Meme of Maslow’s Mojo”

Signifier and Signified

With a few days of enforced rest, and no new unread books left, I’ve been dipping into an odd mix of earlier attempts – Dante’s Inferno, Hitchhiker Trilogy, Heisenberg, Cluetrain Manifesto to name a few. Spurred by the latter no doubt, I checked out what Dave Weinberger is blogging these days : As we come … Continue reading “Signifier and Signified”

What KM Is All About

Best Definition of KM Ever according to David Gurteen in his latest newsletter, quoting Dave Snowden and his commentary quoting The Cluetrain Manifesto. The purpose of knowledge management is to provide support for improved decision making and innovation throughout the organization. This is achieved through the effective management of human intuition and experience augmented by … Continue reading “What KM Is All About”

The Appearance of Sanity

Slavoj Zizek writing in 2001 in The Cabinet. The “Western Buddhist” meditative stance is arguably the most efficient way for us to fully participate in capitalist dynamics while retaining the appearance of mental sanity. If Max Weber were alive today, he would definitely write a second, supplementary, volume to his Protestant Ethic, entitled The Taoist … Continue reading “The Appearance of Sanity”

All You Need is Love #3

Is love all you need, or does money make the world go round ? Interesting post from Euan Semple, contrasting the “pathological” shareholder-value-making duty of business organisations, with the idea that love is the most important driver in any organisation. Like any of us taking this stuff seriously, he is forced to conclude with an … Continue reading “All You Need is Love #3”

New-Age++ ??

Sam pointed me at Chris Locke’s Mystic Bourgeoisie last year (I have a link in the side-bar). I was originally turned onto Chris Locke and his fellow collaborators at The Cluetrain Mainfesto back in the dot-com-bubble-burst days. My favourite then and since … “We can’t go on together, with suspicious minds.” Elvis. The Cluetrain Manifesto … Continue reading “New-Age++ ??”

20 Works With Most Impact on the World

BBC Radio 4 Today programme, yesterday (6th Sept 07:44) discussed this list of books assembled by Penguin as representing the works with most impact on the world, in chronological order. After some debate it was concluded that perhaps these were the easier appetisers, rather than the less digestible main-courses, from these specific authors or schools … Continue reading “20 Works With Most Impact on the World”