All You Need is Love #3

Is love all you need, or does money make the world go round ? Interesting post from Euan Semple, contrasting the “pathological” shareholder-value-making duty of business organisations, with the idea that love is the most important driver in any organisation.

Like any of us taking this stuff seriously, he is forced to conclude with an apologetic disclaimer for the benefit of the politically correct, about accidentaly appearing too “new-agey”. An occupational hazard I find.

Particularly poignant here is his reference to Dave Weinberger (co author of Cluetrain) suggesting love is what holds the internet together, whereas Chris Locke (co author …) has a blog whose main aim in life is to steer people away from the dangers of new-ageyness. True but dangerous. Wasn’t that the last Edge question too ?

Shareholder value. Value ? Truth ? Quality ? Love ? Same thing really.
Love conquers all. True and dangerous. The truth IS dangerous.

BTW great little anecdote in Butuki‘s comment in Euan’s post thread.

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  1. Quality is, I would say, a subset of love (that is, the way in which ‘Quality’ is used in the MoQ is true, so far as it goes, but ‘love’ in the fully-fleshed-out Christian sense is more comprehensive). Agreed with all this. On my ‘queue’ at Lovefilm is ‘The Corporation’. I think there is much work to be done in exploring different ways of organising human beings so that there is less mindless destruction. I wouldn’t be surprised if the corporation ends up being transformed so that it is less socio-pathic. A return to guilds? (Frank Herbert laughs manically in the background MWAHAHAHA…..)

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