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Is it just me or has the rate of blog comment spamming risen recently ? I’m getting dozens daily at the moment. Why do they bother – does any blogger allow un-moderated comments onto their pages ?

Amongst the blatant sex and drugs plugs, the worst (trickiest) kind are those that appeal to vanity. Automated, but carefully tailored complimentary notes, with some worthless link in the senders details. Creative, but pointless. Are people really so desparate to get a link onto any old web page ?

I guess the question I need to ask – is do we have any automatic spam-filtering software for wordpress blogs ? (I’m still up for a global e-mail charge – a small cost for serious users, a real burden for scattergun time-wasters – but presumably blog spamming software is not using e-mail protocols – so it would have to be a more general traffic tax – oh well, maybe not.)

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