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  6. You’re falling for the big lie of duality. The grand delusion of western culture is that it invented realistic ethics. Scientism is a straw-man, the fear of which drives people like you into paralyzed bemusement.

    The ills of humanity are NOT a cosmic-sized complexity. They can all be at least partially and provisionally solved, if only people with knowledge like yours would stop making excuses about “wisdom”, put your hands on the wheels of society, and make some changes!!!

  7. I’m not falling for the “lie of duality” – quite the contrary. I’m highlighting that there are important alternatives.

    Hopefully not “making excuses” about Wisdom – trying to point out it’s more than any kind of materialist, objective, duality – and in doing so find opportunities to influence actual political decisions and action. Encouraging comment. Thanks.

    Worth some dialogue if you’re interested. Those things (climate change, hunger, pestilence, war) are not constructs – OUR MODELS OF THEM are constructs. There are better models.

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