The Tail Really Does Wag The Dog

Work In Progress – Interesting series of columns by the BBC’s Peter Day, charting very rapid market disruptions, mainly by new technologies, Google, Blogging and Podcasting, and also by the Chinese economy and Banking competition. The old 80 year Kondratiev economic cycles are being severely strained everywhere.

It really is spotting the market effect of the technology, rather than the capabilities of the technolgy per se. The Excite / Google / Amazon example says it all. It used to be millions of customers in dozens of markets, now it’s millions of markets each with dozens of customers – the so-called long tail.

Still haven’t got into podcasting, transmitting or receiving, but it looks unstoppable as the coming media. Leon reminded me of that this morning with this link to the first pod-cast from space. Good luck with the re-entry guys.

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