Evolving Religion ?

Whilst the Christian / biblical tradition seems determined to degenerate backwards to ancient dogmas, witness the contagious spread of Intelligent Design Creationism meme from Bush’s mouth to the mainstream press here in Western Australia, and (god forbid) the science classrooms of future generations, one beacon is the suggestion from Salman Rushdie that the Qu’ran could benefit from positive evolution – a reformation – from the 7th century to the 21st.

It would be far from ironic, if the more oriental continued to lead the occidental. Go for it Islam, listen to your thinkers, you know it makes sense.

Intellectual may be a dirty word in some circles, but it really is the only thing that can save us from crude socio-cultural “democracy” – popular survival of the most-convenient, lowest-quality common-denominator, memes.

(That is of course what the Pirsigian Metaphysics of Quality would say too.)

[Post Note : My god, it gets worse. Full page “advertorial” in the West Australian positively promotiong IDC, and a DVD explaining the origins of life from some “missionary crusade” pastor, obviously a great source of disinterested knowledge on the subject. Wake up and smell the corruption of future generations. Criminal as I said, to give this stuff any credibility on a par with anything remotely scientific.]

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