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I’ve remarked before how amazing I find Google’s indexing of little old me’s blog. I thought it particularly remarkable since I shifted away from Google owned Blogger to WordPress (for categorisation capabilities, that I’ve not yet exploited !) without actually giving the Google indexing issue a second thought. As far as I can tell the full text of my whole five years blogging is indexed, even in the new page URL’s that didn’t exist before June this year, as well as the old pages that remain on-line, and cached copies (of both) too.

This is particularly interesting, because this news story claims Google is only just about to initiate indexing of non-Blogger blogs, feed summaries initially, full text later.

I’ve been thinking about why I haven’t bothered to exploit the categorisation yet, despite making the move explicitly for that purpose. I guess I still have a lingering suspicion that the best categorisation is implicit in the organisation of page links, backed up by text searches. Well I never, who’da thought it ?

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