Why Fluid Dynamics is not boring?

A bookmarking post only. Interesting to me as an one-time fluid-dynamicist, and I’ve mentioned the parallels before between Navier-Stokes et al in Fluid Dynamics and more fundamental physics. Especially point-based (Boscovich), quantum-loop-based (Rovelli) and integrated-information (IIT). Just capturing the link here.

“fluid dynamics, is surprisingly pivotal to understanding some of the most elementary constituents and processes underlying physical phenomena.”


Post Notes:

Spookily after trawling through the Edge Question 2017 I found Ian McEwan no less, recommending we all get to know Navier-Stokes …. haven’t digested why yet …. but a Edge 2017 is a goldmine. McEwan’s interest is only in celebration of the widest range of fluid dynamics – unsung heros, and a topic beyond the “streetlight” of his own zone of expertise. Someone going off-piste. Meta, but not fundamental.

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