Proud to be an Aero Engineer

It’s a long time since I qualified as an Aeronautical Engineer and worked on Tornadoes, Hawks and Harriers, and I’m still a sucker for plane-spotting – civil or military.

At a time when civil aircraft are all increasingly scale-efficient clones of each other, and air-travel a non-PC chore, driven by eco-econo-geo-political considerations, it’s a wow to see the F22 raptor perform (here at Farnborough). A bit of creative freedom, even if it is equally non-PC to be a fan of a military fighting machine. Engineering – rooted in ingenuity – is the built world of humanity, and aero-engineering provides many fine examples of that art and craft.

The display video opens (very briefly) then later an extended sequence (at about 2mins 50) with some amazing slow speed manoevres – you have to keep your eyes on the cloud texture to see which direction the machine is actually moving – tumbling like a snowflake, as the caption says. Clever stuff. I may have to add the F22 to my list of favourite flying machines – F6-Lightning (EE/BAC), F4-Phantom, Mig-23, Harrier, A10-Thunderbolt, F14-Tomcat, and now the F22-Raptor.

[Post Note: Aircraft page started here … never to be completed.]

[Post Note: Interesting also how variations on Navier-Stokes has become a recurring topic.]

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