Suffer the Little Children

Sorry, heard this yesterday, but it has to be commented on. Kansas school board has used gaps in witnessed first-hand evidence “for” Darwinism to say it is “unproven”, unlike divine creationism no doubt (!)

When will these guys get their own education in what science is about, before they get to wield this kind of power to decide how it is taught. There is no such thing as positive proof (of anything) just the best reasoned explanation, not undermined by any repeatable disproof.

No scientist denies evolution per se, even though many debate details of particular evolutionary mechanisms and causal chains; the basic change / survive / reproduce cycle is unchallenged. But that’s not the point, Darwinism can stand the arguments, this is high quality knowledge and science itself being perverted by the ignorant in positions of power.

The best outcome would be if a little philosophy of knowledge gets taught in gaps in mainstream science. (Which I think is Dennett’s most positive approach too, in turning the Darwinism / Creationism debate into an example topic for analysis.)

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