Tennis, Elbow, Foot #3

Following links in no particular order …

I noted Pirsig location links in Chicago at the weekend (Navy Pier etc.) and also noticed the Adler connection – the Adler Planetarium specifically, and wondered at the Robert Maynard Hutchins / Mortimer (Jerome) Adler “great books” and classical philosophy connection behind Pirsig’s nemesis at that Chicago University location, “chairman” Richard McKeon. Anyway, no direct connection between Mortimer and Max (Adler) other than a common name, common amongst Jewish immigrant fathers of their generation.

Anyway given that that was a dead end …. the interesting point was another cross-link to J S Mill – very influential on Adler (Mortimer) – and ahead of his time I suggested recently.

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  1. I didn’t notice this before, but this is kinda spooky. Robert Wright in The Moral Animal devotes almost an entire chapter to Mill’s utilitarian philosophy and suggests that it might be the most “in line” with evolutionary psychology and that happiness may just be the most rational goal given everything else to be considered. Mill is now officially on my list.

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