Let’s Roll

A riveting read, the recordings and transcripts from the Norad Tapes (North-East US Air Defence) during the 9/11 attacks, annotated by Michael Bronner producer of the movie “United 93”.

Truth is so much better than fiction or spin in this case. Should leave conspiracy-theorists with little doubt about cock-up-realities. Restores your faith in humanity, all except Cheney’s “dark bravado” that is. BTW where is he right now ? 

Vanity Fair via Robot Wisdom

2 thoughts on “Let’s Roll”

  1. Very interesting, but I’m not sure it’ll do anything to blow off the conspiracy theorists. Strangely enough what DID blow me off was one of the conspiracy theory books themselves – David Ray Griffin’s first one – which itemises all the things that would have to be true if the conspiracy theory was true. I’m left with the sense that there are a lot of unanswered questions, and the cover-up by the administration is allowing some very strange stories to fester. I’d agree that the truth is probably 90% cock-up, but I do think there are some dark truths yet to emerge as well.

  2. There are definitely some dark truths and “evil” people who exploit the conspiracy of ignorance, but all I’m saying is there no complex pre-medidated, deeply “organised” conspiracy.

    No conspiracy in that sense.

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