Social networking in overdrive.

I’m a few days late with the Google / YouTube story, but if you’re being fair I’ve made it pretty clear I’m a fan of both already. What I like about this BBC news story, is this line …

It’s social networking in overdrive.

 … the other key dimension to this true semantic web quest.

The other interesting point was the comparison of YouTube with MySpace, which though not entirely fair, does say something about Murdoch jumping on the blogging bandwagon five years too late and missing the point.

MySpace … was once a place to hang out if you were online and aged between 15 and 25 is rapidly going mainstream and becoming a middle-aged society. That is just, like, so uncool. 

I can just see the Hamsters announcing they’ve got a MySpace web-page. Oh, really they already do ? Mind you they’d be flattered to be seen as middle-aged. Stick to the axe Slim. 

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