Lack of Imagination

Sorry, but these two links are BBC news stories too … 

Actually that’s not quite true, this one is a link from a link from a BBC story, but I was intrigued by “The Jamestown Foundation“. Clearly a “fear-based” reds-under-the-bed, al-qaeda-behind-the-sofa, vigilante basis, but coupled with what looks like a non-partisan “neutral” reporting line, with well informed sources.

This one ithough, s the BBC, on education something we’ve been banging on about on both MoQ-Discuss and Friends of Wisdom. I thought this was a very telling comment from Sir Richard Sykes (Director of my old college) ..

“A science curriculum based on encouraging pupils to debate science in the news is taking a back-to-front approach … Science should inform the news agenda, not the other way round.”

Science isn’t perfect, but there is a viscious circle if over-simplified reporting of science becomes the basis by which science is defined to future scientists. So how should science inform the news agenda ?

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