Falling in Triplicate

I was about to write up this “spooky” synchronicity when there were just the two items linked by coincidence, but now we are three.

Someone (who shall remain nameless) used the phrase “falling from (my) grace” in an e-mail to me today and, when I hit the CD button in the car on the way home from the office, the next track (on Muse’s Absolution CD, already part-way through in the player) was the track Absolution. Singing along at the top of my voice as one does, imagine my surprise when I found my self innunciating the line “Falling from your grace”.

Not surprising therefore that I remarked on a character in the film “Monsoon Wedding” speaking the line “I seem to have fallen from your grace.”

Of course such “synchronicities” say as much about how our consciousness works as anything else, but the irony is that Matt Bellamy, leader and lyricist with Muse, is a conspiracy theorist of the highest order in his lyrics and publicly expressed opinions. Which is a pity because he has a way with both words and sounds, and an interest in the things that matter, even if he’s a little short on wisdom. There is time and I hold out hope on that score.

One thought on “Falling in Triplicate”

  1. It would be interesting to examine the phrase “fallen from your grace”. It seems that as we trudge through this life, we rely on people’s grace. None of us can accomodate entirely another’s needs and desires. We rely on a certain acceptance, which will overlook our shortfalls in the area of relationships.

    There does come a time in certain relationships that a line is crossed.. when the shortfalls outweigh the goodness which we bring to the association. We then fall from the grace of the other’s acceptance.

    This is always an interesting time…one of negotiation. Does one want to fall back into grace, when one has felt the sting? What will one have to do to get back good graces? Will the other, having made the decision to create distance, acquiesce? Was it a genuine act or merely a play for power…a manipultaion?

    The politics of being human.

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