Paradoxical Fun ?

Here in northern Alabama, there are a dozen churches of every christian denomination per square mile as far as the eye can see. The locals also seem to “celebrate” Halloween as a major social and commercial event. We’ve been unable to move for pumpkins, fall-wreaths, packets of “treats” and the smell of cinnamon in the local shopping malls for a full month already.

Last night, Saturday, seemed to be the Halloween party night around town, people in the parking lots dressed to party, lugging cases of beer to their SUV’s, and many in Halloween fancy dress – all ages.

Pretty chilly in town last night – mid-40’s I’d guess – the band (Yes No Maybe, excellent by the way) wearing several layers and warm jackets, warming their fingers on the radiant propane heaters between numbers on the patio-stage at Humphrey’s. Younger groups dropping in and out of the bars in fancy dress, presumably planning to move on to the Halloween party at the local nightclub later. As I left town at about 11:30pm, there were still queues to get into the downtown parking lots.

Some seriously elaborate fancy dress – one amazing Gene (Kiss) Simmons get-up, put me in mind of Tommy Womack’s (cod) piece a couple of nights earlier, but that’s another story. The point though, is that given the “conservative” locale, the young girls were almost without exception in skimpy schoolgirl, nurse, french-maid, little-devil, dominatrix, geisha stereotype outfits.

The quantity of cold-weather-exposed flesh put me in mind of the geordie lasses on the riverfront in Newcastle on a Friday night, or the geordie lads in the Gallowgate end when Saturday comes. Is it just me ?

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