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I blogged about Eestor recently. That’s not an anomalous energy patent, but an electrical capacitance alternative to the internal combustion engine. Will it work commercially and socially ? The point is that there may be reasons for engineering scepticism, but the basic physics is not (yet) in doubt.

Brian Josephson has been a regular champion against sceptics in physics, who let their scepticism get the better of their scientific judgement, when anomalous effects are reported. “Cold Fusion” (more accurately low-energy or solid state fusion) is alive and well despite the heavy guns of received wisdom in physics arrainged against it.

Sam sent me a link to Steorn Technology. Like low-energy fusion it seems to be an anomalous excess energy effect, something magnetic, but the difference here is that the “discoverers” and patent holders are giving nothing away as to what the physics might be. In fact, assuming the whole thing is not just some start-up funding scam, their approach is to say we’re just engineers, we challenge serious scientists to explain it. Their FAQ sums it up,

Question :
Is this a:
1. Marketing ploy. Such as “Steorn: Remember what we did with a fake product, think what we can do for your real one.”
2. A scam
3. You are too weak technically to realize it is not really a free energy device

1. No
2. No
3. The Jury will decide.

Be interesting to see how their quest progresses. Like the low-energy fusion anomalous energy, explaining the physics is one thing, harnessing technology is another.

The point here is that the impossibility of a perpetual motion machine is such an anathema, that the possibility of an as yet unexplained natural energy source is too easily discounted. Josephson – Nobel physicist – goes so far as to suggest that physics is not the most fundamental reality, though to be fair by that he means physics as current explained by quantum mechanics.

Which brings us to J.S.Mill again. Claiming to believe in the contingency of scientific knowledge is one thing. Acting that way is another. Which of course is back full circle to Chris Argyris too … the behavioural distinction (in social organisations) between “espoused theories” and “theories in use”.

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  1. Readers of this blog might like to take a look at our website.

    Steorn, in my opinion, probably has the devices they claim. We are also developing magnetic energy conversion devices, both solid-state and rotary. The explanation is likely to prove to be conversion of Zero Point Energy from the quantum vacuum. When magnetic systems of conversion are utilized, we prefer the term Virtual Photon Flux.

    For some time to come, the physics community is likely to have strong opinions, which I call the perpetual commotion problem.

    Our approach is to introduce Desktop Demonstration Devices that self-sustain. No batteries required. If all goes well, we hope licensees can make them available for purchase in the last half of next year.

    Later in 2007, again assuming all goes well, we expect 1 kW Magnetic Power Modules will be manufactured under license, world wide.

    If James Hansen of NASA, and several other scientists, are correct, we have perhaps a decade to dramatically reduce the use of fossil fuels. Otherwise, our planet may become the scene of an apocolypse, due to global heating.

    Mark Goldes
    Chiarman & CEO
    Magnetic Power Inc.

  2. Thanks for the comment Mark.

    Desktop ? I thought you meant computer simulation for a moment, but I realise you meant the good-old-fashioned physical desk.

    Self-sustaining 1Kw ! That’s some claim.
    I’ll add your link in the main body of the post if I’m reasonably happy it’s not a scam 😉 (There’s a lot of it about.) 

    Mark I see quite a lot of web references to your stuff. Mainly people in the “alt” energy business and related bloggers. Do you have any scientific references to the principles you claim to be involved in your devices.


  3. A paper that appeared in Physical Review B by the late Dr. Robert Forward, in 1984, triggered my interest. There have been a number of articles in refereed journals by Dr. Harold Puthoff and several others. Dr. Fabrizio Pinto, a physicist, left the JPL to form Interstellar Technologies, based on conversion of ZPE using the Casimir Force. He has at least four recently issued U.S. Patents. His approach is not magnetic. He also was published in Phys Rev and his article references a number of others by reputable scientists. U.S. Army sponsored research in this field surfaced recently.

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