Words + Enthusiasm = Erinaceous

Plenty more TEDTalks here.

Including the delicious Erin McKean. Next time someone quotes a dictionary definition at me as part of an argument, I will be pointing them at this one.

And given that I’ve recently reported on reading “Breaking The Spell”, here is a link to Dan Dennett speaking on dangerous memes – ideas to die for. Just a fluke 😉  and on religions as natural phenomena.

And lots more; E.O.Wilson, Steven Pinker – and Eddi Reader sings too.

17 thoughts on “Words + Enthusiasm = Erinaceous”

  1. Oh, really ? Pity, I quite liked it.

    Is the white on grey OK, Is it the pale blue highlights on grey ? Is it juts the font size ?

    I can play around with the style sheet.
    Thanks for the feedback Alice.
    Hmmm, I see the comment box size conflicts with the side-bar too.

  2. Oh, I like the color alright….a very sophisticated look.

    I would love to see a room painted this color, but for reading purposes and with the font size being what it is….it’s just hard to read.

    I guess I would suggest a font size adjustmant.

  3. My daughter told me about this. but I can’t watch it with my internet service.


    Have you heard about it?

    I checked out the site and it seems a bit ( a lot) conspiracy theory driven, but it may be worth a peek.

  4. “Upper case adds a certain panache” ? Weird comment Glenn ?

    (Do you recall why I dropped capitalization in the first place and the comments I got at the time ?)

    Anyway, all purely practical, no fashion statements here.

  5. Hi Alice, I checked out the site too – even broadband is too slow to view on-line, so I’m downloading the bit-torrent version.

    Not sure I have heard of this particular film, but the web site is full of conspiracy theory sources used elsewhere. Sam will find it interesting I’m sure. I’ve never been remotely convinced about the 9/11 conspiracy theories.

  6. Poor Glenn…
    first I ask suspiciously what he’s up to giving Ian a compliment.

    Then Ian follows calling his comment wierd.

    It’s a good thing Glenn has a tough hide and hopefully a good sense of humor.

    Which I believe he has already demonstrated.

  7. No I don’t know why you dropped capital letters in the first place but I’m dying to know.

    Hi Alice 🙂

    But really the blog looks very nice now.

  8. “Very nice” – now really, go on, convince me you’re not taking the piss – just for a change 😉

    Dying to know ? Yeah, right. Anyway the reason I dropped capitalization was to end pointless arguments with theists about which contexts I did or did not spell God / god with a capital G.

  9. And God said, “Let there be Uppercase. And it was Good.”

    Now if we could only get the Nigerians to re-discover lowercase, the world could be brought closer to alphabetic equilibrium.

  10. A year or two ago there was a spate of email going around about a fortune in a bank account in a foreign country of some deceased person with no heirs with a request for assistance in clearing the money out and a promise of a cut. There were a number of variations on that theme. The emails were a scam, of course, and always written entirely in uppercase letters and the senders were known to be Nigerian.

  11. Ah right. Nigerian spam scams. (Never made the upper-case connection – because we were talking about capitalisation – of proper noun initial letters – only.)

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