ZMM – The Book that Changed my Life

Author Michael Lewis lists “the books that made me” including:

The book that changed my life
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig

Interesting selection …

I did fully read both Cervantes and Tolstoy. With me it was Anna Karenina that gave me many false starts until I read beyond the dysfunctional Karenins and the Anna / Vronsky relationship and understood the book was really about Levin (Tolstoy) and his relationship with God and the cosmos in general. But, rather than ghosts, I didn’t believe in (American) Gods until I read Neil Gaiman either.

However, like Lewis, for me Pirsig’s ZMM was seminal – hence the dedicated “Pirsig Pages” here – as far as my metaphysical thought journey is concerned.

Thanks to @iramey for sharing this Tweet from Silvio Oscar Funtowicz at Bergen Uni:

Deming and the industrial “Total Quality” and Excellence movements generally part of my journey too, but “Post-Normal Science” also sounds intriguing. Must follow-up.

In my case it was very personal experience of Fred Lennon that inspired my interest in quality to new levels in that industrial context before I ever saw the metaphysical connections or the philosophical interests.

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