Some Time Management Paradoxes

A whole collection here from Dave Pollard. Particularly like the first two.

Generalists / consultants shouldn’t worry (feel guilty / stressed) about not getting things done, it’s not the point of their work – the point is to figure out and pass that information along to someone who can do something with it. In fact delivering less is better. Doing is about learning, not about delivering.

Stress wastes / causes a lack of time, not the other way around. Time pressure is not a cause of stress, but the result.

Too easy “excuses” ? Well yes if your aim is excuses, but worth thinking about anyway.

3 thoughts on “Some Time Management Paradoxes”

  1. Hello I AM a manager at six flags GA. AND I needs answer to , become a better leader in my management department.

  2. Stressing about limited time: limits time even further – a self reflective comment

    Especially in our digital age, where I transition between phones, emails, projects, high priority interruptions and inquiries all day long. It’s like a star effect, as the work you need to produce is really a dozen different tasks that are coinciding. I regularly am drawn off course; invariably leaving the ‘project’ work left unhandled. When Friday roles around (or the end of the month!) the stress of the project deadline’s set in. Always; this stressing causes the work to be either foreboding or seemingly more difficult to focus on (as I consistently look at the clock or think about the day due.)

    Though understanding the theory; doesn’t help in conquering it 🙂 (via excerpt anyway)

    None the less, my practicality veers me towards the idea (or actuality) that I have more work than time – regardless of the stress level.


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