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Thanks to David Gurteen for bringing this to my attention. The punchline is a bit lame, or perhaps understated, but if 20% of these stats turn out to be 80% true, then the situation is mind-boggling – scary and/or inspiring at the same time.

Interesting comment thread(s) on YouTube – there are several different versions ShiftHappens, ShiftHappens2.0, ShiftHappensUK, ShiftHappensNarrated, etc – apart from the naive nationalistic (ostrich-head-in-sand) reactions, all the threads run very quickly in three directions.

(1) Where are values and wisdom in all of this – can there be anyone who sets priorities for what (shit) happens ?

(2) The processing power, inter-connectivity and bandwidth equals AI vs Ai is just fiction debate ? But there are so many options and opportunities of course before we get to that one – worth keeping an eye on the ball(s).

(3) The faith debate, which could be the “ostrich” debate depending on your perspective. Shit happens then you die, but it’s OK, God’s in charge. The first cause / teleology debate gets everywhere – see (1).

Though provoking at the very least.

 [Post Note : David’s newsletter makes a reference to Thoreau’s “Walden”.]

[Post Note : Also a predictable US vs India / China debate in the threads. I call this the “pedestal” debate – whichever nation is currently on the pedestal should expect to be the target for being knocked-off by those in pole position – expect that is, where a view on life is a competitive either/or rather than collaborative outlook.]

[Post Note : Also David has a summary of the KM worlds of work …. several interesting points – context preserved through first person stories, thinking out loud and transparent workings, and the world recognized as complex with many overlapping approaches and mechanisms, rather than simple netwonian cause / effect model.]

2 thoughts on “Shift Happens”

  1. I Love This – “Shift Happens”. I think I’ll get a sticker or T-Shirt printed. Also, **** happens, then you die, that’s ok, God’s in charge. I’m grateful Shift Happens. That means I’ve made it through the ****. I just finished a wonderful book about Emile Barrios. A man who had his buckets of ****. I got so inspired by what challenges he went through and the MAJOR shifts he made to make it to the other side. The book is called, “Nub, Story of an Ex-Cripple”. Check it out!

    Thank you for the great post!

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