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Two observations …

The last 2 or 3 months …. been getting repeated bursts of direct hits from “Limelight Networks” in Tempe, AZ. No idea why – are they testing out some content crawler at Uni of Az ?

Last couple of years …. I get constant search hits from people all over the world – east as well as west – looking for “rational comprehensive planning“. Something I ranted about way back. My considered view is that “rational planning is irrational action” – after Chris Argyris, Nils Brunsson, etc, oh and years of personal experience. Or if Tom Peter’s is your preferred management guru … “Ready fire aim” beats “Ready aim fire” in any non-trivial situation – guided missiles beat slings and arrows. How complicated can it be ? The dynamic fluidity of iterative feedback-driven processes.

4 thoughts on “Web Traffic”

  1. Hi Ian,

    Consistently, my top search hit has been “Post Secrets” or the same with “love”. Go figure. I’ve only posted twice that I can remember about that website. Now I’m searching for a way to prevent Google’s Image Search from accessing my graphics! Incidentally, Google finally re-ranked A Writer’s Edge — 3 is the new 5.

    Georganna @ A Writer’s Edge

  2. Hi Georganna,

    I think search hits on the subjects of prurience are to be expected, given that XX% of all web traffic is porn or porn related spam, which is why I am amazed by how many hits something as dull and dead as “rational comprehensive planning” seems to get

  3. The Limelight Network hits are not the subject of the hit, they are the source. The amazing thing there is that they are all burst of “direct hits” – addressed directly r=to page and post numbers in the blog – as if they are systematically crawling through every post individually.

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