Anything New Under the Sun?

What a difference two decades makes, or does it? I’ve been blogging over 20 years and rather than do a new year post on highlights from last year, I thought I’d look back over the decades.

Compare earliest posts in January 2002, 2012 and 2022.

Jan 2002reading Bart Kosko’s “Fuzzy Logic” (only my 25th post since starting in Sept 2001) – searching for alternatives to accepted rationality?

      • Why model something approximately rationally, I concluded,
        when it is precisely irrational or predictably chaotic?
      • Also points to “Systems Theory” paradigm from 1950’s / 1960’s
      • Already referring to Heylighen’s Principia Cybernetica.
      • Picked-up my first Wittgenstein reference just 3 days later! But hadn’t yet noticed the Pirsig ZMM relevance until the end of that month. (Significant because it was Pirsigian theologian Sam Norton later turned me onto Witt?)

Jan 2012 – Musing on computation – understanding the manipulation of information without programming skills.

Jan 2022 – Already following-up references beyond McGilchrist’s “The Matter With ThingsThe most important read of the decade.

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