Reading Moritz Schlick

Rather glibly mentioned in my reading of Karl Sigmund the follow-up need to read more original Moritz Schlick – in the same vein as following-up Arthur Eddington originals – so I’ve been searching new and used book sources. Despite mentioning the importance of the translation – the Hofstadter introduction – silly me wasn’t ready to find so few English translations!

[Several English chapters in this example.]

Language really does represent the limits to knowledge. I could give original German and French a fair stab, but I’d need to plan for the time & effort. Proper scholarship is hard work.

I’ll need to create a little bibliography of what was published and what is available. Simply correlating different titles, collections & dates makes that tricky enough in itself.

Probably time to start taking library collections seriously. Now where did I put my British Library membership? Be a good test to search there.

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