Stop Reading? – You Gotta Be Kidding

I’ve declared I’m in “Just Write Something” mode and am avoiding reading wherever I can until I’ve broken the back of the writing projects.

Still, I keep adding new references to my book list, and people commenting on what I’ve said or written often share some other paper or video link “have you seen this?” – with or without any obvious relevance to anything I’ve said or written. That long Friston interview was an example. 4 hours running time (!) a full day of listening, thinking and capturing notes to discuss with the person that shared it. In a sense, all dialogue is distraction, but it is also creative – of evolving ways of expressing the ideas. But reading is always a distraction from writing and is only worth it if there is also creative input.

As well as the book list, there are always references to papers and articles – I always try to bookmark or download, even if I have no intention of an immediate read. With the books, adding to the list is usually it for now, but one or two are irresistible, so I acquire a copy, even if with no immediate plan to read. Expanding the “Library of Unread Books”.

These four fell into that category:

Actually, the Bertalanffy I’d acquired back in London a while ago, but had simply filed in the library until digging it out a week ago.

And I thought I really ought to own a copy of this. With “We Are As Gods” premiering already in the US, tatty second hand copies are getting more expensive to acquire. One on it’s way.


Post Note: Lo and behold, this from “We Are As Gods” just a few days later.


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