Evolved System Interfaces

“Every surgeon knows the quality of evolved functionality comes with lousy interfaces”

(Street in NYC. Hat tip <somebody> on Linked In
– but there are thousands out there.)

Compared with …

(Hat tip the following tweet.)

Which is a reference to this old “Designed Evolution” post of mine from 2006 -one of my earlier round-ups of Cybernetics / Systems influences, including John Dupré.

2 thoughts on “Evolved System Interfaces”

  1. The photos you chose above are really a great way of making your point, which I agree is important.
    Be sure to include similar imagery when you write your book!

  2. Lovely! Thanks Tim, how did you guess?

    I’m actually spending a bit of time finding and creating diagrams and images.
    It’s about information compression (every picture, etc.)
    I can say all I really want to say in a few hundred words, with a few summary diagrams and example images.

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