More Thoughts of Chairman Parker

I was reading Graham Parker’s reminiscences of 1975 London pub-rock, around the recording of “Live at Newlands Tavern” – boy that took me back – but no I wasn’t actually at either of those Peckham or High Wycombe gigs, nor even that Dr Feelgood gig in Guildford with GP or Paul Weller. Must buy a copy. Another time, another place – there or thereabouts in spirit.

Anyway, I read on to the previous post (from the time of Obama’s election) – a rant against conservative republicanism, and was taken by this turn of phrase for failed rationality …

Conservative thinking is over. Its crushing, one-small-portion-of-the-left-hemisphere-of-my-brain-is-all-I’m-using approach to the complexities of this period in history are now too flat-footed to be entertained by anyone who is using a modicum of the other cranial areas. It might have been useful once, but it’s not anymore. – Graham Parker.

Apolitically, atemporally – conservative as in traditional received wisdom – of our time at any time – my point precisely. 10/10 useless – might have been useful once.

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