Movement for or against ?

Typical George Monbiot piece in the Guardian. A rant against consumerism leading to a call for a movement against consumerism. Well yeah, but for what ? He is right when he says …

“Our challenge is now to fight a system we have internalised.”

But I think you need to broaden your search for the cuplrit system, beyond consumerism itself. Most people really are more intelligent than to ignore the detrimental aspects of comsuming whilst ignoring the collateral damage.

The internalised system – the meme – we are suffering from, is one that leads us to expect simple logical considerations like this to be reflected in collective action. We have come to rely, through their immense success, on the processes of science and technology to lead us to “the right decisions and actions” as if by faith in their empirical, objective and reductionist magic.

We have internalized the “scientism” meme, at the expense of values and wisdom, in all aspects of living on the planet.

What we need is a movement for wisdom, values, quality … you name it … to counterbalance the idol of objectivity in numbers and logic.

4 thoughts on “Movement for or against ?”

  1. Without sounding like a crazy commie, this proposed change in society could only be achieved by establishing a new “end-goal” for our productive forces. For this, I turn to Ernest Shackleton…

    ” To win the game is not the chief end. The chief end is to win honorably and splendidly and for this several things are necessary: Loyalty is one. Dicipline is another. Unselfishness is another. Courage another. Optimism another. And Chivalry another” (Shackleton’s way: 2001).

    You may say that I’m a dreamer…


  2. Exactly Marc. That is really my point in posting. Values and qualities are about far more than ends and objectives, and you list some valuable qualities from Shackelton.

    Anyone saying “down with consumerism” is the dreamer. Those looking for what might be better are being practical.

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