The Real Culprit is not GINGer

Just a quickie. I’m reading Hitchens “God is not Great”. I admitted earlier, when I heard him talking, that I had understimated Hitchens in all the God vs Science hysteria. Will the intelligent world ever live down guilt by association with Dawkins !? Thank god for Dennett, Harris and Hitchens (and the Archbishop). Only a couple of chapters in … excellent read so far.

This struck me. After a litany of religiously compromised and politicised diabolical health-care decisions, he says … in passing … before continuing with his litany.

It happened to be election year in New York for the mayor, which often explains a lot.

My recurring point. You bet it explains most of the problem. It’s the decision-making meme at work (not theistic religion particularly – though how anyone could defend the organized religion examples in Hitchens health-care chapter is nevertheless beyond me). And it’s the decision-making meme at work in situations of governance and management. Reducing ethical decisions to binary choice has to be the dumbest solution to a complex problem – come in Mary Parker-Follett.

Bl**dy reductionist scientism again (see previous post).

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