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Not quite my longest blogging hiatus there. Never stopped since the Moscow trip in mid-February and the first Houston trip of March. Exciting times. More on why later, maybe. For now: Houston was three different events all requiring work preparation, but thankfully got a free day and half at the weekend.

Made a sunset drive to Galveston, and a full day down to Aransas, TX on Mustang Island and on to the northern tip of Padre Island and Corpus Christi. Aransas was my kinda town “A small drinking village with a fishing problem.” Reminded me of Destin, FL; probably the last place I saw that gag too. A large wind-farm at Sinton, TX struck me as ironic, after all the nodding donkeys. I do miss US service generally, and smokin’ in bars. Even the bar tender in Terminal E at Newark on the way back – was another in the “Now, if I was Richard Branson …” category. Talking of Americana, saw a couple of covers bands in Houston bars, but I made a bee-line for “The Last Concert Cafe” on the last night.

Spoonfed Tribe were playing, with two support acts, in the ramshackle Mexican cantina in the shadow of the downtown I10 ramp. Spoonfed live are a sensory feast – never quite found the same effect in their recorded material – and that venue just suits their style; mostly outdoor (downtown) backyard beach (!) complete with handicraft / jewelery stalls, just a little too chilly to chill in early March. Mind you with the amount of dope being smoked the ventilation compensated for other hazards. As good as I remembered them back in Huntsville, which is always a fear, but a real festival with their local Texan fans. One spaced-out chick kindly remarked how good it was to see old people checking out Spoonfed too.

Purely by way of aside, also with the multiple percussion and highly processed loop effects – but a total contrast with Imogen Heap in Oslo the week before, in terms of effective performance and audience engagement. You can’t win ’em all.

Now, I have of course also been reading …

Rivets recommends, and I agree an interesting (surprising) collection of images.

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