A Word From Atilla

Atilla the Stockbroker is announcer at The Withdean, and even he can’t wait to get out of the place – I remember the feeling. Are Brighton really still stuck at that place. Interesting rant on how business is ruining and continuing to ruin football (soccer). It rang an immediate bell with me. Reading Dennis Dutton’s “The Art Instinct” I had just reacted to his “objective” measures of sporting success undervaluing the artistic, aesthetic values of “The Beatiful Game” – but then he doesn’t claim to be a fan. Brighton at the Withdean however, may be the Duchamp Fountain of the soccer world.

Sometimes the bottom line result is all that matters, but it is never all that matters. Beauty really is in the participation of the fan, like any work of art. Mind you things can get ugly too. (More to come on Dutton’s excellent book.)

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