Daniel Kahneman

Excellent short interview by Claudia Hammond (BBC-R4 All in the Mind) with economics-psychologist Daniel Kahneman.

(Also in the same edition another twist on the many studies of real-life abnormal brain lesions contributing to the understanding of normal brain-mind functions. A pair of conjoined-twins with separate-but-connected brains – 4-half-brains having more possibilities than the usual two. Interesting to consider the “case-study” distinct from the two human individuals. Personally, I don’t find the brain-mind findings in the least mysterious, there is so much reinforcement of common sense in published cases – it’s almost as if

we don’t want to believe explanations of consciousness and identity

See previous blog post on Claudia Hammond.)

[Post Note : Forgot also to attach this link to Kahneman’s appearance with Kirsty on Desert Island Discs. Learn a bit about the man.]

[And: a growing number of Daniel Kahneman references in the blog.]

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