I Don’t Believe It !

Listening now to Laurie Taylor’s Thinking Allowed … quoting Emily Dickinson’s “Brain is Wider than the Sky”.

Not an original idea, but Bryan Appleyard uses it as the title of his latest work. A veritable meme.

Actually drawn to this edition of TA by Laurie’s introduction:

“Bryan Appleyard and John Gray on why simple solutions don’t work in a complex world.”

Reductionism of mind to brain, the mental to matter. The hype of the “Transhumanist” “H+” “Singularity” … Aaaaggghh my entire agenda in a single edition of TA. We don’t want to believe mind-brain “explanations” – I agree with Laurie. (Previous post …) Incoherent post, but for now this is the loop of thought I’m in …

https://www.psybertron.org/?p=3931 No-one wants to believe
https://www.psybertron.org/?p=3430 Hofstadterian Algorithmic Loops
http://vimeo.com/7441291 Schmidhuber’s Humour as Compression Algorithm
https://www.psybertron.org/?p=3440 Compression Loop
https://www.psybertron.org/?p=3392 Hofstadter’s Tabletop
https://www.psybertron.org/?p=279 Rationalisation as Compression
Mandelbrot on Roughness at TED2010
http://www.cognitionresearch.org/extras/bio.htm Computing as Compression
https://www.psybertron.org/?p=278 Cornflowers – Too Blue
https://www.psybertron.org/?p=794 Edelman – Wider than the Sky
https://www.psybertron.org/?p=806 Sacks & Emily D

All these posts are inter-linked to each other, but following that link collection in order will give you the flavour. Now where’s that windmill we’re tilting at ? What was the name of the place again ?


It’s all Welsh to me. Acknowledgement to Gerry Wolff for the image.

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