Diane Abbott Comment Racist

Of course Abbott’s comment was racist.

The point is was it racist with positive moral intent ? Or was it done with ignorance or negative intent ? Colour-blindness is a red-herring too. Sometimes race/colour is germane to the topic, sometimes it isn’t.

Obviously her intent was positive and race/colour was more than just relevant, it was the subject. No problem there. Her mistake was to generalize “the whites” as some group with one set of qualities & motives vis-a-vis “blacks”, even though she used the expression in the context of a particular conversation. That was clearly racist. Diane on the whole is not I’d suggest – a lack of common sense maybe, given her profile as a politician. Get over it, she’s apologised..

Nice tweet from Mr_Eugenides :

DianeAbbott: Making Other Labour MPs Look Like Intellectuals Since 1987™
Worth a chuckle. Diane Abbott is OK, it is possible to be too intellectual. That’s why the Abbott & Portillo double-act worked so well.

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