Buckie Fuller’s Synergetics

as in the geometry of patterns of energy in nature
after Buckminster Fuller (yes as in Buckie Balls !)
covers fundamental / metaphysical world-view
Web resource maintained by Robert W Gray

as in a model of master system driving many slave systems.
quoted by Brian Josephson plus reference to Bob Ulanovicz No resources yet found.
[Update – Found via Haken reference – Plenty of material out there on Synergetics and complex systems involving human brains. Also tracked down Bob Ulanowicz – spelling variant I hadn’t tried.]

EPISTLE Generic Model – Metaphysical / Philosophical references.
“The study of the nature of things is likely to be relevant to Integrating data models and data sets from different sources.”
from Metaphysics – an Anthology – Blackwell, ISBN: 0-631-20279
Refs include : Quine, Russell, Lewis, Armstrong, Wittgenstein, Frege, Cantor, Peirce.
The classical / rational /objective stuff.

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