Deutsch on Parallel Universes & Quantum Computing

Many Worlds / Parallel Universes Guru – Dr David Deutsch
Deutsch shares Josephsons conviction that quantum physics is at the heart of processing and communication of information, but famously created a stir when rubbishing Josephsons suggestion that there was anything credible in paranormal phenomena like ESP that might ultimately be explained by quantum physics or even any existence that merited serious scientific analysis at all.
Quote “Dr Deutsch is well-known in the physics community for his work on parallel universes and time travel. Indeed, he is referred to as a “time-travel expert” in Prof Davies’s new book – which as a job-title is arguably right up there with ghostbuster.” LOL
and …
“Certainly, if Planck had faced the kind of political correctness promulgated by some scientists today, quantum theory might well have been strangled in its cot.” Unquote.
Quotes from Robert Matthews in the Daily Telegraph November 4th 2001

Quantum Computing (See also BCS Cybernetics Group)
Partly concerned with processing at the quantum level – which seems to have little relevance to real world business scale issues until such time as new processing devices emerge, BUT more importantly in the context of this web log …
“It can support entirely new modes of computation, with new quantum algorithms that do not have classical analogues. And more: the quantum theory of computation plays an even more fundamental role in the scheme of things than its classical predecessor did, so that anyone who seeks a fundamental understanding of either physics or information processing must incorporate its new insights into their world view.” from Quantum Computation – A new way of harnessing nature, by David Deutsch and Artur Ekert from the March 1998 issue of Physics World. Copy held at the “Qubit” / Centre for Quantum Computing web site.

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