Already Love Mach

Received and already skimmed the introductory chapters (and index and references) of Ernst Mach – The Analysis of Sensations, and the Relation of the Physical to the Psychical. (1914 translation of the 1906 5th edition of the 1885 original), and – Space and Geometry, in the Light of Physiological, Psychological and Physical Inquiry. (1906 edition, 1901, 2 and 3 originals)

As well as many psychology references to William James, many “antimetaphysical” philosophy references, that make promising reading:

People new to me but apparently important to Mach like Rudolf Willy and Richard Avenarius (the latter – started with Spinoza).

A full enumeration of Mach’s philosophical position would require us to begin with Spinoza.

Obviously – not essentially different from Hume.

Borders closely – the immanence of Schup.

Psychological facts at least as important as the physical facts – contrary to Comte.

Affinity with Avenarius, so great as can possibly be imagined yet having followed entirely different histories.

Plato’s fiction – the unfortunate antithesis between appearance and reality in The Cavenot thought out –  lasting influence needing correction to put everything right again. (Cf Barfield Saving the Appearances)

So, Mach’s starting point :

The physiology of the senses demonstrates that
spaces and times may be just as appropriately
called sensations as colours and sounds.

Can’t wait.

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