PIL / JKL (Levene)

Interesting selection of top 10 PiL songs (from April this year) – great to see that original Public Image video in there.

Interesting article covering Levene & Wobble as much as Lydon, leading to Levene’s current work. I guess when you’re the one that leaves the band, you can’t really expect an invitation when the band reforms – but clearly Levene and Wobble were fundamental to the post-punk sound they created and all the more impressive of Lu, Scott and Bruce in the current line-up. Got tickets for Manchester Ritz 28th of this month to see them for 5th time in 2012/13 …. and great that Public Image appears to be back in the set.

[What is also apparent in the mix of older and most recent stuff in the PiL set is how much the older things have evolved in their delivery as live pieces compared to their original arrangements. Death Disco for example in the list above includes the original TOTP video for comparison. Levene’s original sample from Swan Lake – low in the TOTP mix – is still very much part of it, but the whole thing is greatly extended. Even the relatively short and simple Pubic Image is now much heavier with – god forbid – some great power chord accents to that U2-Edge-esque picked-riff invented (pre-U2) by Levene.]

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