Common Sense – Global Warming

I’m not a climate sceptic, but I’m a sceptic of “science reporting (claiming)” of global warming or any other non-local-closed-system global / cosmic events.

Interesting that the journalist here, David Shukman,  can make a point out of

“X is common sense, but
I’ve never heard a scientist actually claim it before”

(X here being the idea that the changes of temperatures and other effects wouldn’t necessarily be expected to occur at a stead rate. Doh!) Science is by definition NOT common sense – think about it. Nor is science wisdom either – even Krauss admits. Science is the slave, a tool of common sense and wisdom, not a substitute for either.

I really do not care about anthropocentric global warming one way or another – what I do care about in a big way is the massive waste of global brain cells and good will expended debating it and diverting resources from common sense. It’s simply common sense of values to maximise the efficiency and minimise the collateral damage as we consume resources. Even “renewable” is simply a matter of scale in time and space.

[Post Note : Interesting blogger Anthony Watts – like me a “presentation sceptic” whilst being actively concerned with doing the common-sensical green thing. The specific post is interesting Hofstadter-wise too – in terms of recursive patterns as artefacts of the processing, not the data. Hat tip to Andrew Neil on twitter.]

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