The Tone of Your Voice

Dennis Farina (RIP), speaking of his switch in his 40’s from a Chicago detective to being a professional actor.

“… everybody was extremely nice to me.
If the people were rude
and didn’t treat me right,
things could have gone the other way.”

So true, reminds me of the Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy) lyric.

Fate doesn’t hang,
on a wrong or right choice.
Fortune depends,
on the tone of your voice.

So sing while you have time ….

And as if to reinforce the point further in the New Yorker today: “Why do some innovations spread so swiftly and others so slowly?” Answer :

 … people talking to people is still the way …

… change happens, not the logic in the change or the decision itself. (Hat Tip to David Gurteen for the link.)

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