Interest Matters @BBCR4Today @RickyGervais

Why would I give a flying ferret what an anonymous vegan thinks of Badger culling aimed at cattle husbandry or animal welfare of any kind?!? Limited context to even protest let alone interfere.

Less anonymous and disinterested on the other hand, but more partially informed propaganda being spread via @RickGervais, though his opener was a topical goodie.

With a cruel government committing the genocide of an innocent indigenous population, Obama is now sending troops to fight for the badgers.

LOL. If we all remember Ricky is the court jester we’ll get along fine – a tweet worthy of the same standards as the excellent Derek. The problem is his media power – not just his own tweets say, but the threads it generates – reinforcing half-baked misinformation of dubious moral value. Classic example, exemplifying the memetic problem we face as a culture.

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