Socrates my Hero

Still making my way through Gottlieb’s book (see previous blog). Not much new since Democritus and Socrates I reckon – call me dismissive – but I still see the last 2500 years as the “post socratic blind-alley of western civilisation” thanks to Plato and particularly Aristotle, with help from the Romans and Christianity.

Easy to create a philosophical web-timeline from Gottlieb’s book, to compare / contrast and indeed supplement the DoPoM Timeline of Philosophy, part of Garth Kemmerling’s Philosophy Pages.

MAJOR ISSUE with Gottlieb’s book is it’s subtitle should really be “the history of western philosophy ….” There’s only the odd reference to hindus & buddhists, and no chapters where these are the subject matter. As well as a sequel, from the renaissance to the present time, it clearly needs a parallel volume to cover the eastern threads too.

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